Current Sermon Series

Did you ever wish that you could spend a few moments with Jesus, Himself? If so – do you know what you would ask Him? What if you were told that many of the questions you would ask Him have already been asked and answered…
In this sermon series we are going to look at some of the questions different people asked Jesus throughout His ministry here on Earth. But we’ll also see that those same questions that were on people’s minds long ago are the same questions on our minds today. Jesus’ answers are timeless and give you not only the answers you need but hope to cling to.
September 24 – “Jesus, What is the Greatest Commandment?”
October 1 – “Jesus, Is it OK to Divorce?”
October 8 – “Jesus, Is it Right to heal on the Sabbath?”
October 15 – “Jesus, Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?”
October 22 – “Jesus, Why aren’t your disciples fasting?”
October 29 – “Jesus, Why don’t you follow the tradition of Elders?”