Current Sermon Series

Advent, and the weeks before December 25th is a great time to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. We eagerly get ready for Christmas by decorating our house with lights and trees and ornaments.
Back in Old Testament times, the times before Jesus was born, God was present with His people in His house – the Tabernacle. This was where people went to worship because this was where God promised to be in a special way.
In God house, the Tabernacle, there were four main elements that God wanted: The Ark of the Covenant, Incense, Light, and a place for the sacrifice.  This is how God wanted His House decorated to be visual reminders of the coming Jesus.
Each one of those four pieces to the Tabernacle speak to us today as we prepare for the celebration of Jesus coming into this world and into our lives.
December 3 – The Ark
December 10 – The Incense
December 17 – The Light
December 24 – The Sacrifice