At Hope we are committed to bringing Jesus’ timeless truths to your level in a relevant way. We do this in 4 different ways:

Live Streaming – If you are not able to actually come to a worship service at Hope you are able to watch, wherever you are, via live streaming. Streaming starts at 10a on Sundays.

Sunday’s Sermons – Stay up to date on the full message that was given from last Sunday’s worship service. If you weren’t able to attend church – no problem – we have you covered.

Halftime Hope – How’s your week going? Bet you could use a rest… These videos are delivered halfway through the your very busy week and, like the halftime of a sporting event, meant to refresh and renew with the Gospel – God’s Hope. Quick. To the point. Effective.

Blogs – Through our blogs writers convey their thoughts on what they see in this world and how God is still very active and working in our society.