Hate Going to Church?

If you hate going to church, we certainly understand.

Studies show that many men, and more and more women too, will not even set foot inside a church today. The popular opinion is that too much of church is boring and irrelevant. Many of us feel like we don’t have time. Many of us don’t understand what is going on during a worship service. We don’t want to be constantly asked for money. And frankly, the number one reason people won’t check out a church is that it is filled with way too many hypocrites!

If you hate going to church, Hope has you in mind. At Hope we’re casual in our approach, yet what we have to communicate is extremely serious and timeless stuff. We strive to make every message and every service relevant and applicable to your real life while trying to be as excellent in quality as possible. At the same time, you can come as you are, dressed as you like, and feel perfectly comfortable at one of our worship services. Before the sermon starts you can have any kids you brought go to Church School so they can learn at their level while you listen and learn at your level.

At Hope we have some things we are always striving for:

  • Meet you wherever you’re at spiritually.
  • Show how God’s timeless truths intersect with your daily lives.
  • Teach you, not preach at you.
  • Help you really, deeply understand what’s in the Bible and what real hope you have because of Jesus.
  • Answer any and every question you have to the best of our ability.
  • Plug you in, at the level you feel comfortable at, with people just like you – who struggle daily and even fail.

If this is what you need or want then it’s time to check out Hope!