Get to Know Us

Maybe you are like the many who have had a bad experience with church which has led you to believe that church worship does not speak to you about your real life in a real way. At Hope we’ll try to change that by bringing real hope to your real life through real and relevant talk.

Real Life.
Hope isn’t a place where we come to pretend our lives are perfect for 2 hours a week. It’s a place where together we face the realities of our sin & embrace the forgiveness God offers. That’s why early in our service we lay our sins before the cross then again and again celebrate how incredible it is to be forgiven.

Real Talk.
At Hope, the focus is on God, what He did for us through Jesus and what He does for us every day of our lives. Hope’s message from God’s Word meets each of us in our own time and place and yet is universal and unchanging. Hope’s worship service offers a clear, Biblical, and real hope only found through Jesus which makes a difference for our everyday life and our eternity.

Real Hope.
When the Bible speaks about having hope, it speaks of having SURE HOPE. At Hope you can be sure that you are forgiven in Christ, sure that you will be lifted up by the Holy Spirit, sure that you will receive His strength and His guidance for your life, and sure that you will be equipped to share God’s good news with the world.

Because of Jesus YOU have Hope!

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